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LASAK's bone substitute material, OssaBase-HA, is used for the bone regeneration of missing or lost bone tissue independently or in combination with autologous bone tissue, blood, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) or PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors). This volume-stable bone graft is slowly resorbed by the bone, making it a perfect scaffold for fast and stable bone formation. It is a synthetic material that ensures no risk of immunological response or infection transmission. LASAK OssaBase-HA has a human-like bone structure. 

Excellent osteoconductive properties of bone regeneration material OssaBase-HA

Excellent osteoconductive properties of bone regeneration material OssaBase-HA

1. Three months postoperatively: Most of the surface of OssaBase-HA bone graft (O) is covered with a relatively narrow layer of the newly formed bone (NB; BIC = 73%).
2. Six months postoperatively: The newly formed vital bone (NB) already takes up the majority of the intergranular spaces between the OssaBase-HA bone regeneration material (O).
3. Osteoconduction in detail: The OssaBase-HA bone graft is in direct contact with the newly formed bone (NB). The bone bridge connects the individual particles of OssaBase-HA and the inorganic bone matrix with bone trabeculae. The arrows show the osteoid layer on the periphery of the newly formed bone.


• Structure system of interconnected macro and nanopores which mimic the structure of human bone
• The excellent osteoconductive properties of OssaBase-HA enable predictable bone regeneration
• Optimal non-irritating shape of polygonal macro and nano-porous granules
• No organic porogen compounds used during manufacturing – ensures particularly high chemical and phase purity
• Fully synthetic material – no risk of immunological reactions or pathogen transmission
• Narrow size ranges of available granules – enough space for optimum bone ingrowth over large distances
• High osteoconductivity

Indications in implantology and periodontology

• Augmentation of the alveolar ridge
• Treatment of periodontal bone defects
• Filling of bone defects after tooth extraction for prevention of alveolar atrophy
• Treatment of bone defects in the area around the implant, creation of an implant bed, including immediate or early implantation
• Sinus lift
• Bone augmentation after tumor removal
• Support function for a membrane used for Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

Results of the clinical use of LASAK products are documented in several clinical studies.

LASAK products are CE marked.