BioniQ abutment screws are color coding for ease of reference. Standard BioniQ 1.25 hex abutment screws with hexagon sockets in the screw heads are colored blue for the QR prosthetic platform and yellow for the QN platform. To fix prosthetic solutions with angled screw channels, use BioniQ AN/tx 1.9 screws, which are green for the QR platform or silver with a green head for the QN platform. The BioniQ AN/tx 1.9 screwdriver must be used with these screws. A hexalobular screw is used as the anti-rotational element instead of the usual hexagon, which means that the screwdriver can be used at an angle of up to 25°.
The screws are not interchangeable, and the correct screwdriver must be used for each type of screw.