• The membrane size: 22 x 22 mm
  • Set of 6 pcs
  • Fully resorbable

The resorbable collagen membrane Collagene AT®  is mainly used for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures. It acts as a barrier membrane in the augmented area for a predictable time and supports the healing process. Collagene AT® is of equine origin and is completely absorbed naturally within 180 days, so that a second surgery to remove it is not necessary. It is very flexible and is made from pure, non-allergic, lyophilized collagen.

Indications in dental implantology and periodontology:

• Filling of postextraction sockets and periodontal defects/pockets
• Reconstruction of the atrophied alveolar ridge
• Sinus lift
• Oroantral communication
• Regeneration in periapical surgery after apectomies
• Treatment after tooth extraction
• In all cases of oral surgery where bone augmentation is necessary

Results of the clinical use of LASAK products is documented in several clinical studies.

Collagene AT® membrane is CE marked. 

We cannot deliver the Collagene AT® membrane to Italy.

Collagene AT® is a registered trademark of CENTRO DI ODONTOIATRIA OPERATIVA S.r.l.