Countersink S5.0/T5.0 for guided surgery (GS)
Countersink S5.0/T5.0 for guided surgery (GS)

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Manufacturer: LASAKRef. No.: 2510.00 Shipping and Payment

  • BioniQ guided surgery depth stop
  • The laser marks allow the use of the countersink with BioniQ and BioniQ Plus implants also without the use of a surgical template.
  • The countersink is color-coded according to the corresponding implant series.

A countersink must be used because of the shape of the implant, which is not completely cylindrical even in the case of the Straight implant. The neck part of the implant is conical. Correct use of the countersink ensures optimal stress distribution in the area of the marginal bone and limits excessive mechanical stress on the bone around the implant neck.

The countersink is always used in all types of bone (D1–D4). For D4 density bone, it is possible to use the countersink only partially - to perforate the cortical bone.


  • In BioniQ fully guided surgery, the countersink is used together with the appropriate C-guide.
  • GS = guided surgery.