Direct Driver QN – mechanical, QN/ISO/L18 (GS)
Direct Driver QN – mechanical, QN/ISO/L18 (GS)

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Manufacturer: LASAKRef. No.: 2530.00 Shipping and Payment

      In BioniQ fully guided surgery, implants can be inserted manually – using the BioniQ insertion wrench and a ratchet – or mechanically, using the direct driver and a surgical unit.

      The insertion wrench BioniQ is the primary tool for inserting implants using a surgical template.

      The direct driver QN is used to insert implants that have already been removed from the implant carrier and for the final correction of the implant position (correction of the orientation of the internal hexagon or the implant depth).


      • The depth marks correspond only to BioniQ implants inserted at the bone level.
      • The depth marks on the instrument do not allow the insertion of BioniQ Plus implants.
      • The Direct Driver (GS) cannot be used for preparation without the use of a surgical template due to the differences in laser depth marks.
      • GS = guided surgery.