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Manufacturer: MEDEALIS GmbHRef. No.: L0712.S.T.P Shipping and Payment

  • Dual retention
  • Pivoting technology
  • Compatibility

PrimeLOC angled attachments with an 18° angulation allow correcting the disparallelity of inserted implants. PrimeLOC angled attachments are supplied in a set together with a prosthetic kit containing the components needed to polymerize into a restoration and interchangeable HPP inserts with an extended pivot. The PrimeLOC angled attachments can only be used with the extended pivot retention inserts.

PrimeLOC 18° angled attachments are available for both BioniQ QN and QR prosthetic platforms in gingival heights from 1 to 5 mm.

The PrimeLOC abutments are coated with Zirconium Carbon Nitride. This tremendously hard, fully biocompatible ceramic PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating is very resistant to wear and abrasion. In addition to its functional surface properties, it has an esthetic rose-gold color. Zirconium accumulates less plaque than titanium and can, therefore, counteract inflammatory processes.

Tightening torque of BioniQ attachments is 25 Ncm.