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Manufacturer: MEDEALIS GmbHRef. No.: L0005.H.P Shipping and Payment

  • Dual retention
  • Pivoting technology
  • Compatibility

Straight attachments can be used with two types of retention inserts. Standard dual retention inserts can be used for implants with a divergence of up to 10°, i.e., a total divergence of 20° between the two implants. Extended pivot inserts can be used for implants with a divergence of up to 20°, i.e., a total divergence of 40° between the two implants.

PrimeLOC High Performance Plastic (HPP) retention inserts have a lower tendency to absorb water and high resistance to chemicals and fats, including alcoholic disinfectants. The inserts are extremely durable and have an excellent dynamic load capacity.

In addition to the LOCATOR-compatible tri-lobe drive mechanism, PrimeLOC attachments feature an internal 1.25mm hex drive mechanism in the center of the abutment, which is easy to tighten with a standard BioniQ hex 1.25 screwdriver. This ensures that the abutments meet your needs without requiring purchasing additional tools.

PrimeLOC straight attachments are available for both BioniQ QN and QR prosthetic platforms in gingival heights from 1 to 5 mm.

PrimeLOC straight abutments are conveniently packaged in protective plastic vials for familiarity and minimal waste.

Tightening torque of BioniQ attachments is 25 Ncm.