• Very strong but light
  • Reliable "Twist Lock System"
  • Specially designed for washer-disinfector use

The LASAK ProImplant instrument cassette is suitable for storing all LASAK ProImplant instruments and when machine cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing those instruments. The instruments remain firmly in the cassette thanks to its shaped silicone holders. The cassette, made of stainless steel, is very strong and light, and its "Twist Lock System" with one rotating knob is very reliable and easy to use. The cassette's lattice style has been created specifically for use in washer-disinfectors, and the design of its openings contributes to better water outflow.

The LASAK ProImplant instrument cassette meets the highest hygienic and regulatory requirements of dental practices and hospitals.

Please note that the instruments are not included in the price of the organizer.

Dimensions: 18.5 x 10 x 3.4 cm

LASAK ProImplant temporary implants enable the temporary treatment of patients with provisional fixed dentures during the healing period for permanent implants or graft sites. Your patients can leave your practice immediately after the implantation with a functional denture. This way, they can enjoy their life without any aesthetic or functional restrictions and participate in social life during the necessary healing time. After six months at the latest, the ProImplant implants can be removed. LASAK temporary ProImplant implants have been in clinical use since 2008.