Threadformer S4.0/T4.0
Threadformer S4.0/T4.0

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Manufacturer: LASAKRef. No.: 2431.00 Shipping and Payment

  • ISO lock + hexagon for W&H Dentalwerk handpieces and contra-angles for better torque transmission
  • The threadformer is color-coded according to the corresponding implant series

BioniQ implants have a self-tapping thread that enables easy insertion and provides high primary stability. Nevertheless, especially in very hard bone, a threadformer is used, as the self-cutting ability of the implant may not be sufficient in dense bone. The threadformer is used in bone with density D1 and D2 along the entire length of the implant, in bone of lower density (D3 and D4) it is not necessary to use the threadformer, or it can be used just to cut through the cortical bone.

Correct use of the threadformer ensures optimal distribution of tension in the marginal bone area and limits excessive mechanical stress on the bone around the implant neck.