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The Uni-Base AN universal titanium bases allow the design of an angled screw channel and placing the screw access hole in the ideal position in the crown. The design of the base is planned for the convenience of using a fully digital CAD/CAM workflow. Uni-Base AN bases are available in two gingival heights (L). The coronal part of all Uni-Base AN bases can be shortened to a height of h = 3.5 mm at a defined point. Uni-Base AN bases are delivered with a dedicated BioniQ AN/tx1.9 abutment screw for which an AN/tx1.9 screwdriver must be used.

CAD libraries for Uni-Base AN, including libraries for manually shortened variants, are freely available for software from exocad, 3Shape, and Dental Wings at www.lasak.com.

Indexed bases with an internal conical connection are suitable for single-tooth restoration.


  • An AN fixing screw is delivered with the Uni-Base AN bases.
  • The tightening torque of the AN fixing screw is 25 Ncm.
  • Use a new AN fixing screw to fix the final restoration.
  • For angled screw channels with AN screws, this rule is particularly important.